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Our Values

Our core value is Making Life Simple. As such, we are committed to make life simpler for both our customers and our employees.

Our commitment to make our customer’s life simpler is embodied in three core principles: Customer-centric mentality, maximum efficiency, and uncompromising quality assurance.

Customer-centric mentality

What makes a job successful boils down to clear communication and good project management. At BPE, we follow a Matrix Structure with client teams led by a Project Manager that answers to a functional Director to serve as your client contact alongside our founder. It will be his/her job to ensure that client expectations are being met by his/her production teams. Teams are then assigned based on specialty (substation, relay design, and relay settings), with senior engineers leading and executing the majority of the work while being assisted as needed by drafters and junior engineers. With this structure, BPE can fulfill customer’s expectations and requirements, delivering top-notch work on time, skimming the unnecessary overhead associated with multiple layers of management.

Maximum efficiency

Our customers have a serious job to do. When it comes time to upgrade a substation or build one from scratch the last thing they need is the headaches of red tape and contractor hassle. What our clients need from a contractor is a professional partner who can deliver first-class work, on time.  To help our clients accomplish this, BPE has a nimble organization, without unnecessary hassles, red-tape, or constant change orders that bog projects down.

Uncompromising quality assurance

Most firms check work after the design phase is completed (Quality Control). When substantial errors are found that late, they often lead to blown schedules. We wanted to do things differently, so we looked to 6σ manufacturing processes for inspiration. In addition to the post-design checks, we perform quality checks at quarterly milestones throughout the design process (Quality Assurance). Using tollgates, we are able to find errors earlier and ensure we are on the same page with customers’ expectations and scope before anything goes too far down the wrong path.

We do not stop until the customer is satisfied.

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