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The BPE Story


After graduating from Georgia Tech in 2005 with a BSEE, Biren started his career at Burns & McDonnell, working on substation design. During that time he learned important lessons about client relationships. This got Biren thinking about a better, simpler way to do business.

While earning his MBA from the University of Georgia, Biren launched his own firm based on the singular focus of keeping things simple. In 2012 Biren hung out his shingle and focused on BPE, a one-man engineering services firm.

Today Biren oversees a team of experts with a wide range of specializations, so broad in fact that Biren willingly admits he is not an expert in each of these disciplines. His job as he sees it is to create an environment where engineers can get their job done, which in turn generates results for the client.

BPE Team

BPE is an engineering firm founded in 2011 and focused on engineering solutions for Southeast utilities, with Professional Engineers licensed in 27 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico.

Our engineers come from both utility and consulting backgrounds. Not only are we technically experienced, we also understand how critical the scope, schedule, and budget are for each project. Balancing these project complexities allows our team to deliver on our mission of making your life simple.

Energy Engineers - substations, utlities, renewables - Georgia, USA

Our Culture

Making Life Simple is not just for the customers. We apply the same principle to our employees.

We take pride and accept the responsibility of the work we do. Our culture is distinctly entrepreneurial, with employees empowered to take ownership in the value they create and the decisions they make, providing a rich and fulfilling experience. We encourage collaboration among senior and junior employees to promote learning, generate best ideas, and deliver quality results.

We adopt a “grow from within” philosophy, with a focus on employee development and supporting the next generation of leaders. We furnish our employees with the tools and resources for career development and self-enrichment while providing advancement opportunities across business groups, functions, and regions.

Promoting Life-Work Balance

At BPE, we are committed to promoting a healthy work-life balance for all our employees. We understand that life is not confined to the hours of 9 to 5, and priorities often extend beyond the workplace. With this in mind, we offer a flexible and supportive remote working environment that empowers our team members to manage their time effectively. We don’t expect our employees to be available around the clock; instead, we encourage them to strike a balance that allows them to fulfill their work responsibilities while also being present for the moments that matter most at home.

We believe that embracing and supporting our employees’ family lives fosters a more compassionate, understanding, and cohesive work environment.  We value and respect the time our team members spend with their families, understanding that it not only enhances their personal lives but also contributes positively to their professional growth and performance.

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